The Art of Social Media

What The Experts Are Teaching About The Art of Social Media

In The Art of Social Media: Power Tips for Power Users, Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick share practical tips and resources on how to effectively use social media for business.
Using Social Media for Business
These days, businesses must have an online presence. But with the profusion of online content, businesses must find ways to rise above the ocean of information, to stand out, and for customers to be able to find them. This is why social media has become an essential part of the marketing mix, as it provides several platforms for businesses to help increase traffic and to build their … Continue Reading →

36 Days of Buqo Christmas Social image PR

Readers’ Paradise: 36 Days of Buqo Christmas

The Thrill of Giving and Receiving
It’s a Merry Christmas for readers like me as Buqo, the online bookstore that features Pinoy books and magazines, marks its first Christmas with a generous giveaway this holiday season.
Just like the song “12 Days of Christmas,” Buqo wants you to re-live the thrill of anticipating, of finding your gift under the Christmas tree, up to the moment of opening the gift to your heart’s delight. Buqo even tops the song by doing the digital giveaway for 36 straight days. So here’s “36 Days of Buqo Christmas,” because 12 days just isn’t enough!
A New Gift … Continue Reading →

proactiv solution

How to Buy Proactiv Products Online

December is a few days away and that means the Christmas party and gift-giving season is near. (Well, for some, it has already started.) For most of us, it’s panic time, because we usually do our gift buying and plan our Christmas celebrations at the last minute.
Proactiv Solution for Christmas
Is this also panic season for you? There’s still some time to buy Christmas presents, especially if you do your shopping online. Let me help you in the gift-giving area by suggesting that you buy Proactiv products online for that special someone in your life who has an acne problem. Or … Continue Reading →