Proactiv SOlution

A Proactiv Summer For Healthy, Acne-Free Skin

Can you believe this unbearable heat? It’s the middle of May and it looks like the searing summer heat would still be with us for a few more weeks. Where’s the rain that should normally be present at this time of the year?
Summer’s a great time to have extended vacations with the family, experiencing together many wonderful adventures. But how can you have the time of your life when you’re bothered by acne?
Acne can be really bothersome at this time, as the soaring temperature causes sweating, which when mixed with excessive oil, dirt and bacteria on the skin, leads to … Continue Reading →


Mustard Seed is Your One Stop Shop Business Solutions Provider in the Philippines

As it celebrates its 15th year in business this year, Mustard Seed System Corporation expands its product range to complete its aim of becoming a one stop shop business solutions provider for businesses in the Philippines, particularly for Small and Medium Businesses.
Majority of the business solutions carried by the company are tested in its own premises. These solutions includes its main software products like SAP Business One, MYOB, Payroll Pro, Biometric Devices, Office machines, NComputing and QNAP, just to name a few.
Business owners can be assured that the solutions that Mustard Seed carries in its portfolio will aid businesses to … Continue Reading →

Digital Marketing for Sales Professionals

Why Every Business Owner Should Embrace Digital Marketing

With all the information readily available online, today’s consumer is more powerful than ever in deciding what products to buy and where to buy them.
Having an online platform is a great equalizer for many businesses. With Digital Marketing, businesses are directly connected with consumers, and they can reach a much wider audience. This helps newer businesses compete with larger and established businesses.
It’s time for businesses to embrace fully the power of the internet as part of the marketing mix to reach your target audience, build your brand, build and grow your community, and eventually, drive sales.
This makes it crucial for … Continue Reading →