proactiv 60-day limited edition pack with free daily oil control

Proactiv 60-Day Kit Limited Edition Pack Comes with Free Proactiv Advanced Daily Oil Control

There’s a new Proactiv Promo Pack out in the market. This is the Proactiv 60 Day Kit Limited Edition Pack with FREE Proactiv Advanced Daily Oil Control 50ml, and is available exclusively at Watsons’ outlets and SM Department Store branches nationwide.
What is the Proactiv 60-Day Limited Edition Pack?
The Proactiv 60-Day Kit Limited Edition pack is a complete Proactiv 60-day supply kit (3-step acne treatment system), with an upsized Refining Mask (from 1oz to 2.5oz) plus the FREE Proactiv Advanced Daily Oil Control 50ml – all for the same price of Php 3,995 only.
Proactiv Renewing Cleanser 120ml (inside the box)
Proactiv Revitalizing Toner … Continue Reading →

Emerging Influential Blogs 2014 Writing Project

Hey Blogger: The Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs 2014

Once again I am participating in Digital Filipino’s annual writing project to recognize the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs of 2014.
With the many platforms and tutorials online, it’s easy to learn how to publish your own blog if you want to. But creating a blog with an impact is another matter. As a blogger, I know it takes a lot of time and effort to produce original, well-written content that will be read by a wide audience, and at the same time, have a positive impact with readers.
My choices for the year’s emerging influential blogs reflect my interests on travel, food, personal … Continue Reading →

speaker sound system

Sounding Off on Top Quality Speakers

To get the best possible audio experience from your sound system, you need to get top quality speakers.   If you don’t have the right speakers, your audio setup won’t amount for much. Choosing the right speaker for the job  can make the difference between listening to non-distinctive, no impact sound and a rich, audio experience.
There are speaker systems for every type and size of venue, and every budget, but, as in most cases, you will get what you pay for. This means that spending more money not only gets you  better sound, it also gives you something that’s more compact … Continue Reading →