Online Selling Goes Mainstream

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To say that 2020 is not a good year is certainly an understatement.

Worldwide, millions are forced to stay at home for extended periods due to lockdown restrictions.

Many jobs, lives, and hopes were lost.

Many businesses closed, while others struggled to stay afloat.

Businesses that continued operations had to quickly adapt to a new normal that’s seeing few in-store customers, and more online shoppers. This meant pivoting their business model to e-commerce or establishing an online presence and do business there.

And many of those who lost their jobs, in the Philippines at least, resorted to online selling just to survive.

Boomtown for Online Food Businesses

So now online buying and selling have become mainstream. And we’re seeing the proliferation of delivery services, logistics services, to get products sent directly to consumers. Grab Food, LalaFood and FoodPanda are the three most popular delivery service providers in Metro Manila.

Because of the pandemic, there’s so much uncertainty so we need to have our expenses prioritized. Of course, food comes first for most of us. The pandemic has spawned so many first time online sellers offering food items. That’s convenient for people stuck at home and eating their way through the pandemic. Buying from small, online sellers is our small contribution to keep the economy going.

Am not going to lie. I’m eating my way through the pandemic too. Instagram has been my go-to platform to look for food.

Pandemic Eats

Here are some of the best food sellers I discovered on Instagram in 2020. Except for Kamuning Bakery, which happens to be in our neighborhood, but their pancit bilaos are so good!

There’s more, but these businesses are top of mind for me. I buy mostly from sellers from Quezon City where I live, to lessen delivery costs.

Tips for Online Sellers

For food sellers out there, the food scene is becoming overcrowded. Buyers are spoiled for choice. If your product is not memorable, you’ll find your business struggling to survive the competition.

What you can do is make use of free tools online to promote your business. Make good use of social media channels. Find reputable influencers. Invest in good photos of your products. Make sure to put your product offerings, prices, and business location easy to find. Indicate if you’re offering in-house delivery, if you’ll arrange third party delivery, or if the customer will be the one to arrange for delivery.

Make sure to have good customer service too. Ensure that the prices displayed on your online accounts are updated. Answer customer inquiries within a reasonable time.

Make your business known. But more important, offer great food consistently!

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