Want a Tech Job? Move to These Places

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Huntsville, Alabama

With a 300% tech job growth in the past year, Huntsville, AL carries the top spot as the fastest growing city for tech opportunities. Your money will go far in this city. Tech salaries in Huntsville can range anywhere from $60,000 to more than $90,000, and it also offers the lowest median home price on this list ($152,170). You’ll have plenty of extra funds to try out the amazing local restaurants and explore any of the numerous tech attractions, including the must-visit U.S. Space and Rocket Center.

Hattiesburg, Mississippi

The main factor that put Hattiesburg at the top of this list is its low cost of living, which is around 18% below the national average. Yet while local prices are low, tech professionals still earn a great income here. A typical worker makes $37,500 a year in Hattiesburg, but tech professionals make more than twice that amount. In particular, computer systems analysts earn relatively high pay in this area, earning $78,780 on average. So do computer network administrators, with earnings that average $80,810 a year.

Charlotte, North Carolina

Charlotte was named number one among cities that have the best quality of life and job opportunities for information technology professionals. IT workers can make good salaries in Charlotte, but the cost of living is also attractive. Charlotte real estate is on the rise and saw a welcome spike in sales in September of this year. Charlotte is one of the fastest growing cities in the country, and a slew of tech companies adding jobs in the region, bringing more residents.

Denver, Colorado

As many people already know and even more are finding out, Denver is an amazing city. The mountains, cleanliness, safety, and affordability of the area lure new residents in, and the 2.9% overall unemployment rate makes it easy to stay. The allure of a great job in an innovative organization is attractive to job seekers, but the tremendous networking opportunities available for Denver IT workers further solidify it as one of the best places for tech jobs. There are a number of informative conferences throughout the year where mingling with tech peers is strongly encouraged, with the IT Summit being the most recent. For those working remotely, there are also great coworking spaces throughout the city where tech minds can connect.

Houston, Texas

Though it’s been associated with oil for decades, Houston also has a bit of silicon in its veins. Recently, the city partnered with Microsoft for a computer literacy effort for its citizens and work on smart-city projects like reducing traffic through data and technology. Microsoft also said it will support local startups, so if you’re considering moving to Houston now is the time. You can expect an average salary of $91,591.

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