The Philippines’ Rising Population: Barrier or Aid to Economic Growth?

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While Philippines offers natural riches and bounties, it also faces a huge problem – overpopulation. In fact, according to UN’s 2018 statistics, the Philippines ranked as the 36th most densely populated country in the world. 

Population Numbers

In 2005, the Department of Health projected the country’s population to increase from 85 million to 100 million 10 years after. Surely enough, the latest Census report revealed that there were over 100 million Filipinos in the country back in 2015. 

The Philippine Statistics Authority projects the PH population to reach 142 million in 2045. The massive increase is expected to happen even with the declining population growth rate. Seeing an additional 50 million people residing in the Philippine islands doesn’t really paint a picture of an ideal situation.

Implications and risks of overpopulation

Overpopulation is a highly pressing concern that often triggers or aggravates other problems. The first issue that often comes hand in hand with overpopulation is pollution. The more people live in a certain place, the more trash gets generated. 

Some of the common waste materials you can find in the PH includes single use plastic, used clothing, discarded electronic gadgets, and residual garbage. While the Philippines doesn’t produce as much trash as first-world countries like USA, Russia, Japan and UK, the country still contributes to the worrying global garbage issue

Excessive population growth also puts a lot of pressure on manufacturing companies as they need to speed up their processes to keep up with market demands. 

A few other issues that arise from overpopulation includes exhaustion of fuel resources, fresh water loss, fast spread of diseases, food shortage, farming problems, deforestation, and loss of animal habitats.

Benefits of the country’s growing number of inhabitants 

A large populace doesn’t always equate to problems. For example, it can help several businesses flourish. Emerging markets often provide various industries with more room to expand and evolve. 

Instead of just sticking to the old and traditional products and services, businesses are compelled to keep on improving and bringing better value to their target clients. This often leads to faster urbanization and technological improvements especially in densely populated towns or cities.

Overpopulation also allows a country to grow a massive workforce. Because there are more people, SMEs and even large enterprises get to tap into more talent. Even the information economy can greatly benefit from a continuously growing population because of the availability of larger bulks of data provided across the nation.

A problem that needs immediate attention

Solving the problem of overpopulation requires the combined effort of multiple agencies and the solid cooperation of the people. Without proper discipline, guidance on sexual health, and awareness in birth control methods, the country might indeed reach and exceed the estimated population by 2045. With the country’s current policies, fast-paced population growth can negatively impact the country’s natural resources and environment. Hence, everyone needs to act fast.

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