Arch Offices: Redefining the Coworking Space

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Arch Offices

Running a small business is no cakewalk. If you are thinking about starting your own fledgling company, there are many factors at play to make it work. This will give you a lot to think about in your attempt at steering it to success. One of them is finding the right workspace.

Location is one of the most important aspects to consider in both setting up and running a business. Plus, it’s always an advantage to be right smack in the middle of where the action is: the central business district. It is the focal point of a city where commercial, office and retail entities are found in a perpetual bustling state. In Metro Manila, the city of Makati is where it’s at.

Get Listed at a Prime Business Address

Arch Offices

If you need a workspace for your company that is located in a prime business address, you would want to look for an office for lease in Makati. And to address all your business needs that also cater to a young workforce that consider a workplace environment crucial for their performance and growth, Arch Offices is the right place for you.

Arch Offices has redefined the coworking space by taking the design vision of Seattle—a city that promotes innovation—and let it serve as the inspiration for the company’s modern take on the proverbial office. This is where small businesses can thrive with the help of the company’s offerings that are focused on providing workplace solutions and business services with a contemporary vibe.

You will get to work in a creative environment sans the boring cubicles under drab white fluorescent lights. This aims to stimulate the minds and inspire innovation for a more productive workforce that’s set on realizing your business’ goals.

You Get What You Pay For—and Then Some

Arch Offices

The coworking spaces offered by Arch are perfect for employees who work for small businesses or those who freelance and spend their working hours telecommuting. The rooms are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities that include high-speed internet, TV monitors, LAN cables, projectors and mobile whiteboards for important meetings. These are all available to you 24/7.

These workplace solutions are set in a productive, ergonomic and creative shared workspace environment that’s like no other.


  • A dedicated desk that can be yours for the duration of your booking
  • Hot desks for those who need flexible access to a workspace
  • Virtual office address
  • Private offices for teams of any size
  • Staff leasing
  • 24/7 access with biometric scan
  • Complimentary refreshments
  • Break out area for those who want to a break from office monotony
  • Onsite admin and IT staff to address your office concerns
  • Conference rooms
  • Meeting and interview pods
  • Cleaning services
  • 24/7 air-conditioning with backup power

Learn more about the amazing services that Arch Offices has to offer when you visit their website. Find out how they can help you and your personnel become efficient in a coworking space—a place where you can all work in a friendlier and more collaborative atmosphere.

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