Wear Your Most Beautiful You During the Holidays

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Proactiv Solution

The holidays are here and of course, you want to spend it the way you want it: with fun, laughter, and lots of happenings with friends or family.

It sure is fun to join these holiday events that are usually held from early evening till the wee hours of the morning. But think about the unhealthy food found in many parties. And of course, the idea of going out and staying up late just to have fun may expose our skin to many pollutants that may harm it. Protecting ourselves with all sorts of skin products may even do more harm than good. You won’t like that, for sure. Not during the holidays.

So it would be best if you go for a product you can trust to take care of the skin, particularly when it comes to preventing unsightly acne. And there is only one brand that can help us achieve blemish-free skin and make it glow as we celebrate the holidays: Proactiv Solution.

The Proactiv Solution is not as complicated to use as it may appear. All it takes is to follow the simple yet effective Proactiv 3-step system. This will do wonders in helping protect your skin from irritating acne while celebrating the holidays.

Just keep in mind to follow these three Proactiv steps daily:

  1. Renew, with the Proactiv Renewing Cleanser;
  2. Revitalize, with the Proactiv Revitalizing Toner, and finally
  3. Repair, with the Proactiv Repairing Treatment.

So wear your most beautiful you this holiday season and be worry-free of acne because you have the best anti-acne product available today.

Achieve the most beautiful and radiant skin that’s acne-free face during the holidays this year—and perhaps even beyond. Just get the Proactiv Solution, which you can buy at Php 2,495 for the 30-day kit and Php 3,995 for the 60- day kit. Proactiv Solution is available at any Watsons and SM Department Store nationwide.


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