Fashionable and Functional Style for the Michaela Woman

Michaela - Sarah Geronimo

The Michaela Woman is focused, driven, and knows what’s modern and what’s worth buying.

Fashionable Women’s Products

She opts for products she can be proud of, like MICHAELA, with its range of trendy but practical, stylish but fashionable women’s products (apparel, bags and pouches, wallets, umbrellas, footwear, and more). All of them of superior quality, but are reasonably priced, eco-friendly, and comparable with more expensive designer brands.

Now on its 12th year, MICHAELA proves that success is possible when you do humble hard work while aiming for the practical and the fashionable. It perfectly appeals to the MICHAELA woman’s need for simple but dignified and reliable products.

Conceptualized by Italian Designers

Professional Italian designers conceptualize each bag so that they’re unique, exquisite, and of topnotch quality while promoting the use of natural leather and other high-grade raw materials. It also takes into great consideration the brand’s preference for a timeless look.

Each MICHAELA bag is a joy to look at and to hold, a blend of utility and taste, making it appealing to buyers in Europe, the United States, and Asia, particularly Hong Kong and the Philippines. Also, MICHAELA knows that their target market has elegant taste and has learned from life experiences – hence the brand’s focus on a timeless, dignified design combined with utility and unmistakable quality.

Michaela - Sarah Geronimo

The First Michaela Boutique

In 2005, Goldnines International Co. Ltd., the company behind MICHAELA,  began offering ladies bags in the first MICHAELA boutique in Juan Luna Street in Binondo, Manila. 12 years later, the brand is now among the staple choices for women’s bags and accessories. The company has expanded its operations in Visayas and Mindanao.

“The “in” thing will not always be equal to value for money, and both the brand and the MICHAELA woman understands this. That’s why, over time, Michaela has become a metric for Filipina fashion – the product lines adapt to change but set the trend, come out with noticeably fashionable designs, but always highlight quality build and durability alongside a dignified look,”  – Julie Yeo, Vice President, Goldnines International Co., Ltd.

Just as the MICHAELA woman knows what she wants and will continue to thrive, so, too, with the MICHAELA brand.

The brand is also starting to expand into men’s products, starting with apparel and belts.

Michaela brand

Right now, MICHAELA can be found in 103 major department stores in Metro Manila as well as in provincial booths. Metro Manila alone has 25 MICHAELA boutiques.

Michaela’s 12th Anniversary Revolution

The MICHAELA 12th Anniversary Revolution was held on September 30, 2017, at the Event Center of Robinson’s Place Manila. Joining the celebration were Sarah Geronimo and Jak Roberto; Michaela’s official endorser and brand ambassador. The event also featured Alex Baltazar, Theo, DJ Vinzon Verdan, Jedidiah Maigue, and the Power Movers Dance Company.  

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