Blogapalooza Horizons 2.0: A Blazingly Successful B2B Event

blogapalooza horizons 2.0

Bloggers to Business Networking Event

Bloggers like me always look forward to attending Blogapalooza events held once or twice a year.  Blogapalooza is a networking and marketing event where bloggers and business representatives meet-up to find potential partners who will help them promote their brand and grow their business.

I didn’t get to attend this year’s 1st Blogapalooza event at Elements Centris, so I  made sure to attend the 2nd one. This was held last November 5th at one of the newest hotels in the metro, Novotel Hotel at the Araneta Center in Quezon City.

A Hot Day to Blog

Blogapalooza horizons 2.0

Wrong decision to go to the venue at midday. I was greeted by the scorching heat of the sun as I stepped into the 6th floor outdoor garden area. That was where the booths were set-up.

Blogapalooza horizons 2.0

So we bloggers go to a booth, line-up to register, play a game, have a quick chat with the representative, take a photo, then move to the next booth. Lots of small tokens given. But I think some of the biz reps were fixated on the activities, and not on giving enough info about their products and businesses. Again, that’s all outside, under the heat of the blazing sun.

But the program proper, where there were the speakers and the precious seats and airconditioning, was inside the tent. There were a lot of bloggers inside to listen to the day’s speakers (and maybe escaping also from the heat outside).


Standout Exhibitors

In the coming weeks I will be writing about some of the businesses that interested me. Meanwhile, a shout-out to a couple of exhibitors.

Blogapalooza horizons 2.0

Major points go to major sponsor ATC Healthcare. The company had booths inside the tent and in the garden area. They had games, and they also gave away product samples and a product catalog. Their booth reps were friendly and chatty, and looked like they had fun engaging with the bloggers. Props also to the Saipan / Marianas islands booth, which was the prettiest on site. It was a good thing that their booth was situated at the entrance.  

Blogapalooza Experience

Blogapalooza horizons 2.0

Overall, I’d rate my Blogapalooza Horizons 2.0 experience as 3.5 out of 5. Maybe next time make it just a late, late afternoon to evening event if it’s to going to be an outdoor event? I think everyone’s comfort should be a big consideration. Also, every exhibitor should have a media kit of some sort, so that bloggers who won’t have a chance to participate in the activities will at least have something to write about the products or services. Still, it’s always a great experience to meet people behind the business and to meet other bloggers.

Looking forward to working with some of the exhibitors. Congratulations to the Blogapalooza team for a successful, well-attended event.


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