iBlog12: 12th Philippine Blogging Summit Tackles Legal Issues


The 12th Philippine Blogging Summit or iBlog12 was all about the legal issues encountered in blogging in the Philippines. The summit was held at the Malcolm Hall of the UP College of Law in Diliman, Quezon City on September 16th, 2016.

As a blogger writing mostly about lifestyle features, I’m not really aware of the legal issues concerning blogging. I’m sure a lot of bloggers like me who write mostly about products and services feel the same. We happily write about anything and post anything we want, blissfully thinking that since blogging is part of our right to exercise our freedom of speech, we shouldn’t be too concerned about any “legal” issues.

But as I learned that day, it pays to be aware of the legal implications of our actions as bloggers.

Today’s technological advances have enabled us to be connected to the world in an instant.  Because of this, we have instant access to other people’s intellectual property that’s on the internet. Also, whether we like it or not, our content  impacts an audience that’s beyond our circle of friends and relatives. And those are the issues that we may have problems with when we are blogging.

Speakers and Panelists


The speakers and panelists included lawyers, bloggers and representatives from news organizations. They talked about data privacy, data security, government’s and private businesses’ use of our personal data (especially telcos), copyright issues, cyberbullying, hacking, libel,  and social media.


A good portion of the day’s talks centered on the mandate of the newly-formed National Privacy Commission, and the contents of the Data Privacy Law and Cybercrime Prevention Act.


What I found particularly informative was the clarification on the difference between slander and libel, and also the short discussion on the anti-wiretapping law.

It was a lot of information to digest in one day, and still it was just a brief overview of the laws’ contents.  It’s good to know the law and be aware of our rights as bloggers, but we should also know our responsibilities, and act with decency and integrity in our work at all times to avoid being caught in legal problems.

Thanks to Janette Toral of Digital Filipino for organizing iBlog12, for another successful edition of the Philippine Blogging Summit.


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