Why Every Business Owner Should Embrace Digital Marketing


With all the information readily available online, today’s consumer is more powerful than ever in deciding what products to buy and where to buy them.

Having an online platform is a great equalizer for many businesses. With Digital Marketing, businesses are directly connected with consumers, and they can reach a much wider audience. This helps newer businesses compete with larger and established businesses.

It’s time for businesses to embrace fully the power of the internet as part of the marketing mix to reach your target audience, build your brand, build and grow your community, and eventually, drive sales.

This makes it crucial for business owners to understand digital marketing, to take advantage of all the benefits that the internet has to offer.

If you’d like to get started in learning digital marketing strategies from authority figures in the industry, take a look at this new course offering from Digital Filipino.

Digital Marketing for Sales Professionals

Digital Filipino’s newest course offering, Digital Marketing for Sales Professionals, will teach digital marketing techniques for promoting offers, lead generation, and customer relationship management. The course will be delivered online on a weekly basis every Thursday, from May 7th to July 16th, 2015. Anyone can join the course anytime. Course facilitator is Ms. Janette Toral.

If you want to receive an exclusive 10% discount on the Digital Marketing for Sales Professionals, just fill out this form and a discounted billing will be emailed to you.


  1. Fill out the registration form above. Then create an account at the course website.  A verification e-mail will be sent to you. Check your spam or bulk folder if it can’t be found in your inbox.
  2. Log-on to your account and return to the course page. Click on the “TAKE THIS COURSE” button at the lower portion of the announcement.
  3. The fee for this training is five thousand pesos (P5,000). Choose your payment option (cash, credit card, Paypal).
  4. For bank payment, please deposit to: iMarket Events and Services, Inc. at BDO 209-0233-385. Official receipt shall be sent to you via courier.
  5. Once payment is processed, email the Paypal receipt or bank deposit slip to Janette Toral at janette(at)digitalfilipino(dot)com or send it via private message at our Facebook page. Access to the site shall be activated.

The digital marketing landscape keeps changing. Don’t get left behind. Enroll now in the Digital Marketing for Sales Professionals course and learn how to grow your business and generate higher revenues through digital marketing.

DISCLOSURE: I am part of an online lead generation network that promotes Digital Filipino training programs.

6 thoughts on “Why Every Business Owner Should Embrace Digital Marketing

  1. Ellen Bernardino

    This is indeed a very helpful tool for expanding a business market by embracing technology and equipping their marketing people with this kind of knowledge. The first step is attending such kind of courses.

  2. Mommy Mecheel

    Thanks for this post, this is really a big help for those with businesses. The past strategies of marketing are slowly fading because of technology, and must shift and learn with new style.

  3. Nadine

    Digital Marketing is not just a trend. It’s a sign of progress. Whether you’re in a small business or a large corporation, you’ll fall behind if you don’t make digital marketing a part of your system.

  4. Anne V

    That’s what I’ve been telling my friends who have their own business. They should embrace digital marketing and not limit themselves with what old school marketing can offer them nowadays. If they want to grow their company and reach a larger audience, digital is the only way to go.

  5. Peachy

    I just attended a similar training/workshop such as this and I can say that I definitely agree to what you’ve written in your post. This is definitely something that can help entrepreneurs in building and sustaining their business. Thank you for sharing!



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