How To Have A Less Stressful Holiday Season

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It’s the week before Christmas and there are still lots of things to do to prepare for Christmas week celebrations! Shopping for gifts not yet done. Preparing and shopping for noche buena, Christmas day feast and extended family gatherings still on the to do list.

It’s great to think of the time we’ll be spending together with family and friends, but it’s not so great when we think of the Christmas rush traffic, the crowded shopping malls,  and the rush to finish all work-related stuff before the holidays.

Isn’t it ironic that the most wonderful time of the year is also the most stressful time for many of us?

What can we do to have a worry-free Christmas? Maybe we can’t really have a stress-free holiday season, but we can make it less stressful. Here are some ways to lessen our stress over the holidays.

1. Plan ahead

hand with pen making a listSpend your time and money wisely. By now you should have bought and wrapped your Christmas gifts, drawn up your travel plans, and planned your Christmas menu. But if not, you need to make a plan now.

Plan and schedule the things that you must do days ahead. Create a budget for Christmas-related expenses, including gifts and food. Make a list of everyone you’ll give a gift to. Make a schedule when you plan to buy your gifts and when you’ll be wrapping them. Prepare your menu for your noche buena.

If you’ll be travelling, make a list of things you need to pack. Travel light.

For the holiday feast, see if you can make ahead some of the dishes so you’ll have less dishes to prepare for Christmas eve.

2. Ask for help

Hands high upYou don’t have to do everything all by yourself, unless you have superpowers. Ask your family members to help, whether it be in gift wrapping, preparing the food, decorating the house or entertaining guests. Make Christmas a bonding season for your family, or even your circle of friends.

3. Prepare for last minute gifts

14033052_sBecause we Filipinos value our (over) extended family, we welcome them into our homes, especially when they come visiting during the Christmas season. Chances are you’ll need some extra gifts for some unannounced guests. Or for family and friends who extend last-minute invitations. So have some last-minute gifts ready, those that most people would love to have. I think food gifts are always welcome.

4. Go easy on the food

lechonThis time of the year, there’s always a feast somewhere. It’s the season to eat and be merry! But please go easy on the food.  Eat healthy. Don’t over-indulge on fatty foods. Avoid a heart attack or stroke.


5. Find time for yourself

10933514_sThe Christmas season rush of activities is not a reason to neglect yourself. Don’t ever forget to have time for yourself. You can’t run 24 hours on automatic pilot and expect to be 100% healthy everyday. Schedule some down time to rest, relax and recharge to have energy for another day.

Pamper yourself for a day. Think of it as your gift to yourself. What would make you happy? A trip to the salon for a hair treatment? A facial and massage in a spa? A fun night out with friends? Go for it, you deserve it!

6. Spend time with family and have fun

happy familyWith all the work holidays declared this Christmas season, it will be a long holiday break for most of us. Take advantage of this time to be really present in the life of your family members. Make plans to have a quick out of town trip. There might not be a long holiday break like this one for a long time. Go out at night and see the festive city bathed in Christmas lights. Or spend quiet days and nights at home, simply enjoying each other’s company.

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I believe that Christmas shouldn’t be a stressful time for anyone. Remember the reason for this season. It’s a celebration of Christ’s birth! Don’t focus on just the material things, the negative things, on things you weren’t able to do and things you don’t have. Have a grateful heart, and be thankful for everyone and everything in your life. There’s a reason why they’re in our lives right now. As for the negative stuff, resolve to work hard to kick them out of your life for good.


Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

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