CIM Technologies Boosts 3D Printing in the Philippines

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CIM Technologies Inc

CIM Technologies Inc., a pioneering technology solutions provider in the country, recently held a Mini Bloggers’ Day to introduce 3D printing technology and its latest products, 3D printers for the industrial market, and desktop 3D printers for the consumer market.

I was glad to be part of the event because I was curious to know more about 3D Printing, having read and viewed some recent news features online about the technology that’s been much talked about at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held in Las Vegas.

CIM Technologies

From left, clockwise: Mr. Victoriano Yap, President of CIM Technologies; Mike Munoz, Business Dev’t Officer; Fil Martinez, Corporate Sales Manager; and Bernadette Bantay, Training Center Manager of Stanford IT Learning

Last February 21, Mr. Victoriano Yap, President of CIM Technologies, together with some of his managers and staff, gave our small group of bloggers a background on the history of 3D printing, how it works, and its uses. Most importantly, they showed us an actual 3D printer live in action (photo below).

CIM Technologies Inc

3DSystems Cube printer, a personal 3D printer

Uses of 3D Printing

3D Printing is also called Additive Manufacturing because products are made layer by layer being added on top of each other. While a relatively new technology, it is already widely used by industries such as aerospace, architecture, automotive, education, electrical, fashion and arts, medical and toys. It is also used in the food, fashion, toys and medical / healthcare sectors. Its primary use is mass customization of products. Prototypes may be printed for eventual mass production. Or an end-user may build a highly customized product for his personal consumption or for low volume production. There are different types of 3D printers with different input materials and with different capabilities and uses.

CIM Technologies Brings 3D Printers from 3D Systems USA

CIM Technologies brings to the Philippines superior 3D printers made by 3D Systems Corporation, a US-based company acknowledged as a leader in the 3D printing industry.

The Projet x60 series is a line of professional 3D printers mostly used here by multinational companies. It uses powder plaster or plastic materials and has multiple print heads to produce full color models with fine details.

Cube and CubeX are desktop personal 3D printers that uses thread-like plastic filament materials. Designed for home, school or office use, this series has Plug and Play capability that makes it easy and safe to operate even at home.

Products Made from 3D Printers

Take a look at some of the finished products made by 3D printers:

CIM Technologies 3D printingLook at the level of detail here. See the winding stairs on the rook chess piece on the bottom left photo.  Printed using the Cube personal 3D printer.








CIM Technologies3D scale models used in the construction, engineering and architecture sectors. Photo on top was completed in 6 1/2 hours, made of plaster material.








CIM Technologies

Finished products with fine details and in vibrant colors






CIM Technologies’ Software Solutions

CIM Technologies also offers integrated software solutions, primarily Autodesk and Siemens, for design and innovation catering to the architecture, engineering, construction and manufacturing industries.

CIM Technologies is to be commended for its commitment to share its knowledge of technology. It conducts nationwide campus tours, workshops, seminars and trade shows to showcase these integrated solutions through its training division, Stanford IT Learning. It is reassuring to know that a leading technology company goes out of its way to reach out to the youth, to hopefully inspire them to consider a career in technology.

The Future of  3D Printing Technology

Personally, I would like to see major breakthroughs for the 3D printing industry in the medical field. What a great impact it would be when 3D printing would be able to affect the health of millions.

At this point, 3D printing looks complicated and expensive for the average consumer. But technological advances are seen to move at a fast pace with lots of companies working to develop different models for the consumer market.

Brought to more affordable levels, this technology will turn the manufacturing industry upside down. Personal 3D Printing will bring about true desktop manufacturing. Consumers will not have to wait for manufacturers to produce their desired products or designs.

It will be great to have a 3D printer at home, to make almost anything you could think of. Have nothing to wear tonight? Go ahead and print your own clothes and shoes. It would be fun to make your own designs on all your personal stuff.  You make your designs come to life. You will only be limited by your own imagination.

Hopefully when this technology is made more affordable, we can think of more practical uses for it other than for vanity.  I’d like to see local higher education institutions take advantage of this technology and tap the creative genius of our youth. Here are more awesome stuff that 3D printers can make today.

For more information about CIM Technologies and 3D printing, please visit the following sites:

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