Plastic Surgery Obsession

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Above is a video commentary from the Wall Street Journal on the current state of plastic surgery in South Korea. Frankly, I was shocked that plastic surgery is very popular and well accepted in that country. They even have a reality show on that.

From that video, one would have the impression that plastic surgery is a very common medical procedure that almost anyone undergoes. I am alarmed that some parents are the ones pushing their children to have cosmetic surgery.

I read in the news sometime ago about a Chinese woman who was sued by her husband because she gave birth to an ugly baby who didn’t look anything like the man or woman. It turns out that the woman had plastic surgery that completely altered her original appearance. That’s sad.

And here’s something weird: There’s this Ukranian model who had plastic surgery to look like Barbie, the toy doll. (Play Aqua’s Barbie Girl song here.)

I understand the benefits of cosmetic surgery to advance one’s career, especially if that career is in the public spotlight. But I feel that having plastic surgery is a decision to be made by the individual alone, without the prodding of one’s parents, spouse or friends. Because it involves one’s self image. Only the individual having that face and body should decide what appearance, or alteration of an appearance that he or she can live with.

Plastic surgery is a medical procedure. As with other medical procedures, there are risks involved and these include death or disfigurement. Young people do not seem to understand these risks. They are unaware of the long-term impact of their decision to have their face and body altered. I am all for cosmetic surgery for adults and children to correct certain disfigurements. I believe in procedures like liposuction, breast enlargement or reduction, tummy tuck, nose lift or eye lift that enhances one’s appearance. But I’m not in favor of doing all of the above or to the point of altering one’s appearance to look nothing like your original appearance. That’s like erasing your previous identity.

Why are are never satisfied? Some people’s plastic surgery obsession is scary. If a complete plastic surgery makeover has become mainstream, what’s the next step in beauty?


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