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Unfortunately, no one can have more time than others because all of us are equally given 24 hours a day. Unless of course, you’re Hermione Granger. In which case, you have a time turner that lets you travel back in time to undo some things and forever change the course of events in the future. But enough of the Harry Potter series…

I’m frustrated that many people don’t respect other people’s time. Some people are always late for everything. The excuses for being late are getting to be tiresome.

1. Traffic was bad.

Hello?! That’s a given in Metro Manila. You should know how long it takes from point A to B, with the usual workday traffic. Then calculate for some delay, like 30 minutes to 1 hour. If it normally takes 2 hours to get to Makati from Quezon City, leave Quezon City 3 hours before the appointed time.

You can take a look at traffic conditions at the MMDA website before you go.  There’s also a traffic monitoring app for smartphones.

2. There’s some emergency.

For me, an emergency is a matter of life or death. What about you, how do you define an emergency?
Is it an emergency when you are preparing to leave the house when a friend or relative calls and you chitchat about mundane things then you conveniently forget that you have to go somewhere?
How about when you have to go to the mall to buy stuff for your family before going to a meeting?
What if there’s really an emergency like someone’s sick or there’s an accident? Of course, that would be a valid excuse to be late or even be absent in an event.

3. You have other commitments.

You’ll be coming from another meeting or event and you don’t know what time it will finish. So why schedule to attend another meeting the same day? Oh, sorry, you’re an important person who has to have all these meetings? Hello Mr. VIP, you might want to consider teleconferencing so you won’t waste your time going from one place to another.

4. What’s worse is that some people are deliberately late because “the start time is usually an hour after the stated (or printed) time anyway.” Or “lots of people will be late too.” If thoughts could kill…

5. And worst of all are the event organizers who do start the event / program proper an hour or more after the stated time because “we have to wait for the latecomers.

Go ahead, encourage tardiness! Filipino time at its worst. >.<

6. What if it rains?!

Ok, I too give up on this. When there’s no typhoon, there’s no telling when it will rain and how much it will rain.* And flooded streets are normal now when it rains. So there’s another excuse for the traffic mess in the city.

(I think DOST-Pagasa’s Project Noah can predict when the rains will come and where, but we need to constantly monitor the website for weather updates. And who has time for that?)

Being late tells me you’re not giving importance to the event and persons involved in the event. You already decided to go, why not go all the way and make an effort to impress and show up on time?

Being late tells me you’re thinking you’re more important than the event or the persons involved in the event. Oh, are you a celebrity? And even if you are a certified celebrity (not just someone who thinks he’s a celebrity), there’s no excuse for thinking you’re above everyone else.

If you have to be late, when you know you’re running late, have the courtesy to inform organizers, or those who you’ll be meeting you that you are going to be late. Maybe they can do something worthwhile other than wait for you.

Being on time tells me a person cares for others, that this person is reliable.

I have to admit, because I know events always start late and some people are always late, I try to be just in time, not early.

I only have a 30-minute threshold for tolerating tardiness. Beyond that, let’s just say I don’t wish you well.

Smartphones are lifesavers. I could just read all I want before a meeting or event actually starts.

Why do I bother to be on time for friends and others? I have the curse of an optimist. I keep thinking, maybe they’re on time this time, and I don’t want to be the one who’s late.

I don’t know of anyone who was cured of a tardiness habit. Let me know if you do know of a cure.



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