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Kids these days get to watch a lot of shows on cable TV, a lot of which are mindless entertainment. Parents and guardians would be glad to know that the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) is bringing back Superbook, an animated series for kids that features bible stories.

The original Superbook was shown in local TV  some years back. I remember watching some episodes then, and thinking that it was an imaginative way to present the bible to kids.  The new Superbook has been re-imagined and re-created in 3D to appeal to the new generation of tech-savvy kids, to introduce them to the bible.

Superbook tells the story of kids Chris and Joy and the robot Gizmo as they are transported back in time when the bible stories happen. Let your kids watch how the bible stories unfold, relive the adventures and learn the lessons from the stories.

Watch the trailer here:

The new Superbook will be shown in the Philippines starting this Saturday, June 1 on GMA network at 7:30am. Superbook Classic episodes will be shown every Sunday on the same time slot.

As an added treat for the tech-savvy kids, the Superbook website and free iTunes app have a lot of interactive features that complement the TV episodes.

This re-airing of Superbook is welcome news, and I hope parents and guardians get to watch the series with their kids. This is a great bonding opportunity for families, and a chance to teach kids about religion, spirituality and values. I just think the time slot is too early. I wish GMA would air replays on weekend afternoons to give people an added opportunity to watch the series.

Let the kids learn about the bible in the animated world that they know and appreciate. Be sure to watch Superbook starting this weekend!

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