Backtrack: DC Cherry Blossom Festival 2010

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cherry blossom festival

I have lots of pictures from past travels. Some of them still in old dusty photo albums, some now in digital albums, while some pictures are stashed unorganized in old boxes. A few years back, I put together some photos to make digital albums and turn them into videos using One True Media. This can be uploaded to Youtube. Good thing I did that then, because some of the picture files I stored in CDs are now unreadable. So now I plan to store picture files in an external drive and in a cloud drive, just to have backup copies.

Here’s a trip to Washington DC, now immortalized in video. 🙂

It was my last weekend in the US in 2010. My sister, nephews and I took a last-minute unplanned overnight trip to Washington DC.

We took the Megabus from NYC to DC and back. It was in early April, Easter weekend as well as the Cherry Blossom Festival in the US capital. Unlike NYC and Atlantic City, temperatures in DC were higher. Good thing the boys wore shorts.

Getting food for lunch and dinner was a big problem because most restaurants were full, and those that were not, were pricey. Chinatown was a walking distance to the hotel, but that didn’t help at all as the waiting lines in the restaurants were long. We were very hungry by the time we got our food. The boys, especially the little one, were very cranky.

We took the trolley tour around the city, but did not bother to get off at any of the stops. Being a holiday, there were a lot of people and it looked like a big hassle going to one place to another. Besides, the hotel where we stayed in, Grand Hyatt Washington, was walking distance to the White House and it was the only place that mattered to us at that time.

The Cherry Blossom Festival celebrates spring and the friendship between the people of the United States and Japan. Cherry blossom trees bloom abundantly and beautifully.

Despite the ongoing festival, I found DC to be a bit boring. Sure, the buildings were impressive looking, but I think the place lacked life, vibrancy and color. Activities were confined in one section of the city where the celebrations were ongoing. Does this mean that on ordinary weekends DC is a ghost town? But it was nice though to see those iconic buildings, monuments and markers that have historical significance to the whole US. Seeing the White House and Capitol was a real thrill.

I was disappointed that some of the sites would strictly close at 5pm. We were at one of the parks, and at promptly 5pm, a guard asked us to leave as they’re already closing.

Well maybe I am biased as I unconsciously compare all US cities to always bustling New York City. I think I may have to go back to DC someday on an ordinary weekday to see some life in this city.

Music on video: Violet Hill by Coldplay


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