Ecommerce 102: Developing Online Entrepreneurs

The Philippine economy is on the upswing. Local and foreign economic analysts have been saying that the country will continue to post positive growth rates this year.  Hopefully, next year too, it being an election year.

philippine economic newsThis is very good news as this would mean more investors will have the confidence to put their money in our country. But should we just  rely on foreign investors to help our economy? We shouldn’t have to rely heavily either on the remittances of  our Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) to continuously prop up the local economy.  Now that the Philippines is on the spotlight, it’s time for us to level up and set-up our own global business operations. Today’s advance technologies have made it possible for anyone to be a player in the global marketplace. No need for us to go abroad to earn dollars! We can do that right here, even in our own home. The internet has given us more ways to be entrepreneurs. Our country needs more entrepreneurs who, in turn, will create more jobs for their countrymen.


It is this internet landscape that proponents of Ecommerce 102 Live with Unionbank wants Filipinos to be familiar with. Ecommerce 102 is a series of seminars that aims to create and develop online entrepreneurs. Every month, different E-c0mmerce experts share their knowledge and experience on being online entrepreneurs. Different online businesses are presented, and along with these, the various strategies in starting and growing an online business. Participants will get ideas on what online businesses to build, as well as the tools, equipment, and skills needed for an online business to thrive. Participants are taught to explore the many capabilities of the internet. Then combine these with the unique selling points in the Philippines to create a product or service that’s distinct, and also able to compete in the global marketplace.


Jojy Azurin (L), membership sites expert, and Eireen Diokno-Bernardo (R), eBay power seller

On September 29, I attended an Ecommerce 102 offshoot seminar, Crossborder with Paypal. It is a “business conference amongst merchandisers who wants to expand their businesses with the international market through e-commerce platforms.”

The speakers that day were Eireen Diokno Bernardo in the morning and Jojy Azurin in the afternoon. Eireen talked about integrating Paypal as a payments solution to your online business. Eireen is an eBay power seller who champions Philippine-made arts and crafts and sells these to the world. Jojy shared his different online businesses, and gave us insights of his membership-site business model.

The speakers / trainers are generous with their time and knowledge, as some of them offer additional consulting sessions through Facebook or Skype.

I am glad to see the younger generation actively participating in the seminars. I met one of them, Trish Baylon, a student and aspiring online entrepreneur. She learned about Ecommerce 102 from Edison Victorino, who is part of the Ecommerce 102 team, and is her mentor in ELearning Advantage. She wants to learn about and earn through ecommerce and blogging.  She likes the light, happy atmosphere in the workshops, and appreciates  the hands-on sessions where the experts assist you in finishing the assigned tasks. Being a “suki” or frequent attendee of these workshops, Trish says that the trainers are very approachable both offline and online.

ecommerce 102

Eireen Diokno-Bernardo (center) with seminar participants. That’s me on the far right, with (R-L) Trish Baylon, Meliza Chase and her husband.

Catch the last two sessions of Ecommerce 102 on November 17 and December 8. Speakers, payment details and other updates are on the Ecommerce 1o2 Facebook page. Sessions are held at Studio SnR at the Millenium Place, Meralco Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City.

The Ecommerce 102 team also conducts free webinars (online seminars) from time to time and one’s coming up on October 10. It’s a teaser on what to expect in another Ecommerce 102 offshoot workshop, VA for eBay, where participants get to learn the tricks in online buying and selling through eBay.


Eireen Diokno Bernardo introducing the Ecommerce 102 support team. (L-R) Tony, Carlos, Edison and Hyatt.

These seminars are just in time for the Christmas season where almost everyone will be on a buying spree. So check out those links and get your slots now. We still have time to make money this Christmas!

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  1. Geeky Guide

    While I remain a member of the employed community as opposed to the entrepreneurs, I’ve also dabbled in the odd business on the side and have enjoyed the benefits of various eCommerce solutions. It’s nice to see how the country is increasing embracing this ideal – I just wish we’d see more international recognition of the local market as well from eRetailers like Amazon finally establishing a local presence here.


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