Here Comes The Rain Again

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rainy day

I woke up early this morning to the sound of pounding rain and howling winds. Scary.

Oh no, here comes the rain again. And again and again and again. It has been raining for about two weeks now, I think. The weather’s been crazy the past two weeks. Typhoon “Gener” (international code name: Saola) is now in northern Luzon, but there’s no typhoon signal over Metro Manila. So I don’t understand the heavy rains and strong winds. I read somewhere that it’s a storm surge or monsoon surge. Whatever that is. All I know is that I want this bad weather to stop. It has gone on for too long.

These are the scenes we see in the newscasts during the rainy season:

  • flooding and heavy traffic in Metro Manila
  • toppled trees, posts and billboards
  • stalled vehicles
  • flooding also in some provinces
  • landslides
  • ruined harvests
  • many displaced families
  • adults and children bravely walking through the floods to get to their destination
  • some lives lost
  • garbage everywhere

How sad that we now accept these scenes as “usual.” Ganyan naman lagi. (That’s the usual situation.)

But it wasn’t always like this. Talk to the oldies and they tell us that heavy flooding didn’t occur frequently before. Rains would come and go then, and they didn’t have to worry about being flooded for days. They didn’t worry about the possibility of not being able to go to work or school. It never occurred to them that they might not have a house after the rains.

Now, every time that we wake up to a morning of heavy rains, we have to make an effort to check the news for weather, traffic and school updates. Then we whine about the flooding, bitch about the traffic, and curse the rains. And blame someone else (usually the government) for all the mess that the rainy season brings.

Can we not do something to stop the floods?

Maybe we cannot stop the flooding entirely, but we can definitely help lessen the damage that the typhoon season brings. We can do this by taking care of the environment. Not just our immediate environment, or the place we live,  but the entire planet that we live in. Little things like recycling and waste segregation, if done properly by many more people, would create a huge impact. Government and businesses eliminating greed from their agenda would result to better management of resources.

While the rains sometimes bring anxiety in our lives, I’m still hopeful for a better place to live in my lifetime. When it rains and my head automatically starts to sing The Eurythmics’ “Here Comes The Rain Again:”

Here comes the rain again
Raining in my head like a tragedy…

I stop that tape and instead conjure Louis Armstrong as he sings:

I see skies of blue, and clouds of white
The bright blessed day, dark sacred night
And I think to myself
What a wonderful world.

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