Say Goodbye to Acne with Proactiv Solution

For most of us, memories of our teenage years recall embarrassing times of  having to deal with acne problems. At that age, it doesn’t matter whether the problem is one small pimple on the far left side of the forehead, a big, ugly one on top of the nose, or an entire battalion of pimples invading the face.  The fear sets in that our face will never be as smooth and clear again before THE first pimple.

During my teenage years, usually, only a single pimple would pop out at some random but always inconvenient time. What I would do was zap the offending zit as soon as it appeared by crushing it with my fingernails. Of course, that resulted in some scarring. I had some friends with worse acne problems. Since we were just students then, we didn’t have a lot of money to buy skin care products to treat acne. Also, we weren’t aware of any products available then that could effectively treat acne, and not just offer temporary relief.

Fast forward to today. Scientific breakthroughs have not gone as far as totally eliminating the possibility of having pimples. (Although we might not be very far off, we don’t really know.)  I used to see Proactiv Solution advertisements in foreign magazines and thought that this product should be brought to Manila to banish the pimple problems of the young and not-so-young people. But now the internet and the global economy have made it possible for Proactiv to be washed into our Philippine shores. Many satisfied customers have since gone on record to show and tell that Proactiv works.

Proactiv Solution is an easy to use 3-step acne treatment system with micro-crystal medicine. Its active ingredient  is benzoyl peroxide (BPO) which is formulated in a specific concentration that penetrates deep inside the pores to destroy acne-causing bacteria. The 3-step kit is composed of a renewing cleanser, revitalizing toner and repairing treatment. Proactiv also has other skin care products that complement the 3-step system for even more beautiful skin.

proactive upgrade promo

Currently, Proactiv has an upgrade promo that makes its products more affordable to Philippine residents. Available only for online purchase, the Upgrade Your Kit Promo gives a 50% or 60% discount when you buy an add-on product together with a 30-day kit or 60-day kit. One add-on product per 30-day or 60-day kit.

proactiv discount 30daykitproactiv discount 60daykit

Here’s how to get that big discount:

  • Log on to the Proactiv Philippines website and create an account to be able to make a purchase. Cash on delivery (COD) and credit card payments are accepted. The items will be delivered FREE of charge.
  • Choose to buy either a 30-day kit or 60-day kit.
  • Click to buy any one add-on product at a discounted price.
  • If you get a 30-day kit, your add-on product has a 50% discount. A 60% discount is given for the purchase of the add-on product that is bundled with the 60-day kit. Here are the products with corresponding discounted prices:

Proactiv Upgrade Promo Discounts

  • Once the kit and add-on product is chosen, a pop-up screen appears  showing the products with the total package price. Click on the Add to Cart button to proceed to the Shopping Cart.

  • Review your order and finish the transaction.

This exclusive online promo will run until December 31, 2012.

You  cannot go wrong in using Proactiv because it comes with a Money Back Guarantee. Now is the best time to buy Proactiv and say goodbye to acne problems.

30 thoughts on “Say Goodbye to Acne with Proactiv Solution

  1. cariejustineestrellado

    i recently using proactiv and it works wonder. hope to see better result by staying on track. love this blog!

  2. rpauline2826

    I purchased Proactiv Advanced Daily Oil Control at Kallony
    and I’m using it for a month now. I can say that I’m happy and contented with
    the results! 😀

  3. edited

    My problem with Acne started when I was in college due to stress and lack of sleep. I tried a lot of products in the market hoping that they will help me get rid of it as what they tell in commercials and product descriptions. I was hesitant to try Proactiv before as it is quite expensive.  I have an oily face, my skin is sensitive and acnes are everywhere on my forehead. But to tell you honestly, this was the only product which worked for me. According to dermatologists, acnes cannot be totally removed but it can be prevented. This product is to prevent or control acne production. You do not expect any product to work on an instant as many of us are expecting. The results are actually seen after 1-2 months of regular use. Since then I did not use any facial products except for Proactiv. The downside is I think you have to use this continuously or else pimples will pop up again. But at least I know I have a product which I know helps me with my acne problems. 🙂

  4. Tess Chancellor

    Too bad ,they don’t don’t sell it in the store. I was looking for this product at Walmart the other day coz they have a promo ,buy a st and get the spot remover(?) that makes the face blemish free) .it is much cheaper with the promo price.

  5. Fashion and Beauty Blog

    I’m still dealing with acne now that I’m in my late 20s… I haven’t tried Proactiv yet but I’ve heard a lot of good stories to it. The online sale is really tempting but I still have half a bottle of my skin care products. Good thing the sale is until December, maybe I can buy some before the year ends.

    1. mas10ph Post author

      If only for its Money Back Guarantee, Proactiv is worth trying. Keep that in mind on your next purchase. Let me know of the results after you try Proactiv.


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