Call For Volunteers and Donations to Bring More Smiles

UPDATE:  It’s now easier to register a child for Operation Smile Philippines. This can be done through text messaging, using any of the three cellphone service providers in the Philippines, namely Globe, Smart and Sun. Just text the following info: Patient’s name, age, birthdate, location, and specify if patient has cleft lip / cleft palate, both or others to any of these numbers:

    • Globe : 09055580206
    • Smart: 0929-3559866
    • Sun: 0943-2337987

register a child


operation smile philippines

Photos courtesy of Operation Smile Philippines and Chatters Care for Kids

Anna* cried when her son was born. Those were not tears of joy, but of sadness. Her baby was born with a cleft palate (“ngongo” in Filipino).

“Bakit ganito ang anak ko?” (“Why is my child like this?”)

Perhaps many, if not all, parents of children born with facial deformities ask this question in anguish. These parents imagine a life of endless teasing, snide remarks and taunts aimed at their kids. How can they raise and protect their children in this cruel world?

Every 3 minutes, somewhere in the world, a child is born with a facial deformity, and faces a life of uncertainty.

Operation Smile, an international children’s medical charity with roots in  the Philippines, brings hope to these kids and their families by conducting medical missions around the world. The missions provide free reconstructive surgeries performed by international medical volunteers to children born with facial deformities, specifically cleft lips and cleft palates.

Operation Smile celebrates its 30th anniversary later this year with 10 missions in 9 sites across the Philippines in 3 weeks. Thousands of volunteers from 30 countries will participate in this homecoming called “The Journey Home.”

operation smile philippines

‘ Operation Smile Philippines medical volunteers at work

The schedule of “The Journey Home” will be as follows:

25-31 October OS-DSM Dental Mission in Davao
25-31 October OS-DSM Cleft Surgical Mission in Davao
08-17 November Naga City
08-17 November San Fernando, Pampanga
08-17 November Silay City, Negros Occidental
08-17 November Cagayan de Oro City
22 November – 02 December Sta. Ana, Manila (NCR)
22 November – 02 December Dasmarinas, Cavite
22 November – 02 December Cebu City
22 November – 02 December General Santos City

We can be part of this journey either by volunteering our time or giving a donation or both. Chatters Care for Kids, a SEC-registered non-profit organization, recently partnered with Operation Smile Philippines (OSP) to gather volunteers willing to participate in the missions. On July 1, the group held an orientation for volunteers at the Manila Cleft Care Center at Sta. Ana Hospital in Manila. More orientation and training sessions for medical and non-medical volunteers will be scheduled soon.

operation smile philippines and chatters care for kids

Chatters Care for Kids volunteers with Ms. Zena Bernardo of Operation Smile Philippines

In a Philippine Star article, OSP President Mr. Roberto Manzano says that while “They (facial deformities) are not life-threatening, they are life devastating. From a life of hopelessness, we give them (the children) a life of opportunity.”

Give the gift of hope and help bring more beautiful smiles into the world by making a donation to Operation Smile Philippines here. For volunteering information, visit the OSP website or the Chatters Care for Kids site. Please spread the word about Operation Smile so that the medical missions can transform the lives of as many children as possible.

*not her real name

Operation Smile Philippines Facebook Page:
Chatters Care for Kids Facebook Page:

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34 thoughts on “Call For Volunteers and Donations to Bring More Smiles

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  2. tumandok

    The situation of these kids are “life devastating” Hope is given fro them for these volunteers who give them a very big hope to make their life happy and contented. More power!

  3. markpogi

    Di po ba ang cleft palate is “bingot” in Tagalog?

    Anyways, its good to know a lot of people care and want to make sure our little ones will smile with no problems.

  4. Gigi Beleno

    Its good to know that there is such organization like Operation Smile who helps the less privileged live a more comfortable life and to make them feel part of our society. Next time the activity will be near my place, I will surely volunteer for this great cause.

  5. Lipstick.chopsticks

    I wish this project already existed years ago when my cousin needed an operation. Anyway, i pray the success of this project!

  6. Airra Pingol

    I hope I can help out. this is such a great project.
    please please update me.

  7. merlmd

    I have been involved with OpSmile for the last 20 years not as a volunteer but more of a coordinator. I know a lot of volunteers personally and have met Mr. Manzano. It’s a good thing what you are doing here…hope to see you in Silay on November.

  8. ginoongbaterya

    this is truely great cause.. inspiring.. brings hope.. we know these children can smile even if they have this but the smile in their hearts that they can live normal.. enjoy and play with other children without being tease. the smile of their parents.. truely amazing. bow ako sobra.. thanks sa inyo..

  9. imriz (@queenraniaclare)

    this is truly a worthy cause. hooray to the team.
    i had met up with a friend and was amazed that they had adopted (er, the boy was actually abandoned by the mother) a 1 year old boy with a cleft lip. after 8mos. of taking care and have learned to love the boy as their child they took him to manila and have him under knife.

    the boy is now healthier and is always beaming with wide smiles 🙂

    btw, i’ve tweeted this post instead because im having problem connecting w/ g+.

    RT: queenraniaclare


  10. Myk Malag

    Great advocacy! Me and my batchmates in high school are helping a student continue high school, currently we have one student, hopefully we can increase more in the near future..

  11. Ian Joseph

    This is a great advocacy, many children were given the chance to smile again, just like my friend.. But sad to say, I can’t help and become a volunteer because it’s too far from us.

  12. Ma. Cyril Malusay

    I have a son who is a cleft lip and palate.In this connection, i would like to ask to where i can possibly apply as a volunteer nurse to be part of a team since I am a nurse bu profession as well.thank you so much.

    1. mas10ph Post author

      Hi Cyril,

      Thanks for your interest in volunteering for Operation Smile. May I know where do you live?
      Has your son been operated on?
      To register your child for the missions and/or for volunteering information, please email or if you’re based in Manila, please sign up here:
      Please help spread the word about the missions.
      Many thanks.



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