Let’s Have Some Cake

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estrel's caramel cake

Family celebrations, especially birthdays, are not complete without a cake. A certified favorite of both young and old the past years has been Estrel’s Caramel Cakes. These chiffon cakes with caramel icing and filling are perfect for our family that has a fondness for anything sweet.

When my two eldest nephews were born a few months apart in late 2002 and early 2003, the family started a tradition where we usually celebrate their monthly birth milestones with cake, spaghetti or pancit and ice cream. Oh yes, we’ll have any excuse to have cake and ice cream. Many times, the cake would be Estrel’s. (The monthly celebrations would last up to their 1st birthday.) Sometimes, my mom would also give away the cake as gifts, and these would always be gratefully received.

What’s there not to like? The chiffon cake is light. The heavenly sweet caramel icing is sinfully rich but tastes just right, not overly sweet. So are the beautiful butter icing roses in pastel colors that adorn the cake. For mom and me at least, one slice is never enough. To enjoy the cake at its maximum flavor and freshness, you have to eat it on the day that you get it from the shop. These cakes are mostly made to order, all lovingly homemade and baked the same day they’re to be picked up.

These round cakes are usually last-minute orders. Estrels only have a few of these in stock for walk-ins or same day pick-up orders (orders called in and for pick up on the same day).

Birthday cakes and holiday cakes are appropriately designed and colored, like the rectangular cakes below.

Lucky for us that Estrel’s cake shop in Scout Tobias, Quezon City is very near where we live. Just a little time and effort needed to satisfy our craving for these yummy sweet treats.

They have pre-set designs that you can choose from. These are the ones with all the lovely roses like the ones above. They also have special designs available like the Cars-themed cake for my nephew’s birthday last year. Just ask for them when you call in your order.

Also, if you will be going abroad, or a faraway province requiring sea or air travel, and would want relatives or friends to have a taste of Estrels, let the staff of Estrels know that the cake you’re ordering will be travelling. They’ll have the cake placed in a plastic container which is then placed inside the Estrels cake box, like the photo below. This one made it to New York City, still tasting great.

Ordering is easy. Just call during their shop hours. Let them know the type and size of the cake and the date when the cake is to be picked up.  For regular days, you can place your order a day before your intended pick-up date. For the Christmas season and other busy occasions (Valentine’s, Mother’s day and Father’s day, you must order a few days or even weeks in advance (especially during Christmas time).

As it’s the Christmas season once again, we’re sure to place our cake orders at Estrel’s. The cakes may be pricier than the more easily accessible brands, but these cakes will surely make every occasion more special and memorable.

Shop location, business hours, price list and contact information are all in the company website.

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